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Smiley Family History

Family of Shepherd Parkman Smiley


Extract from marriage certificate of Shepherd Smiley and Margaret Ward

This website has information and pictures about the ancestors of, and the Australian descendants of Shepherd Parkman Smiley who migrated from Maine, USA, to the Victoria, Australia goldfields in 1853.

Two years after his arrival, he married Margaret Phoebe Ward in Melbourne and together they had seven children. These seven Smileys subsequently had 20 children, most of whom stayed in Victoria.

None of these generations survive, and this website tells something of their story to both record their achievements and to honour their memory.

Related families: Because of the close connections between the Melbourne Smiley and some other families, additional family information is also on this website.

1. Early Smiley history and family tree
2. Bunn family history
3. Dadswell family history
4. White family history.

Website note

For privacy reasons, this website does not include details of family members still living. But if you would like to contribute or make additions or corrections to any of this historical information, please get in touch.

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